Big Picture (Vision)

Big Picture (Vision)

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Start with this tool to define your overall vision, goals, and potential strategies.


1. Start with the ultimate vision you are working towards. For example: “Healthy Clean Oceans”.

2. Define your key social, economic and environmental goals. For example:

  • Environmental: Preserve Ocean Health
  • Social: Maintain Human Wellbeing
  • Economic: Promote Sustainable Ocean Economy

3. Under each category, list potential strategies that could be used to achieve each goal. For example:

  • Environmental: Clean up plastics in the ocean, educate fisherman on overfishing and sustainable fishing etc.
  • Social: Educate public on link between ocean health and human health, safeguard human lives in coastal areas etc.
  • Economic: Increase fishermen’s income, improve access to market information tying ocean health to economy etc.