En-clusivivity: Environmentally Inclusive.

Throughout history humans have colonized, enslaved, and marginalized peoples and nations. Our economically exploitative relationship with nature has followed this trajectory, with potentially fatal and irreversible consequences for the human race i.e. climate change related natural disasters, death, diseases, displacement; resource scarcity (water, food etc.).

Just as we ended colonialism and transitioned to international relations and cooperation–recognizing our sameness over our separateness–we must view ourselves as a part of nature and usher in an age of un-foreign relations with the nonhuman natural world.

Instead, we are ignoring–and even destroying–it. While the profit from destroying nature is almost always privatized, the cost is almost always socialized. Rather than using our disproportionately large influence and effect on nature for our long-term sustainability and regeneration, we are accelerating our own extinction for short-term economic growth and stability.

Paradoxically, if one considers how advancing gender equality to its full potential could add USD 28 trillion to world GDP growth by 2025 – about the equivalent of the Chinese and U.S. economies combined—how many trillions are we losing in economic, social and ecological opportunities by not being “en-clusive”.