Mutualism Map

Mutualism Map

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This tool helps compare the cost of a traditional solution’s required resources and activities, against the value of comparable natural resources and activities (eco-system services). It is most useful after conducting the ERS Mapping tool, and defining potential natural partnership resources through (Biomimicry 3.8)


1. List the resources needed and costs of a traditional solution. For example:

  • 1000 boats to collect garbage USD 500 m
  • Energy to fuel boats USD 20 m
  • Nets to collect garbage…. etc.

2. List the activities and costs of a traditional solution. For example:

  • Locating areas of garbage….billions
  • Collecting garbage…. etc.

3. List the equivalent natural resources and value. For example:

  • Free natural ocean currents (USD 20 m value)

4. List the equivalent natural services and value. For example:

  • Five known ocean garbage patches millions of square kilometers in size