Introduction to Public-Planet Partnerships Online Course and Full Version Toolkit

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Traditional Public-Private Partnerships are viewed as critical to achieving the Sustainable Development Goals, yet we have overlooked our greatest social and economic partner: Planet Earth itself. We protect nature. We restore nature. We learn from nature. But we are not always actively partnering and collaborating with nature.

The Public-Planet Partnership (PPP) framework was developed to facilitate mutually beneficial partnerships and collaborations between humans and the rest of the natural world.

What if you forged collaborations with other species? What if you leveraged nature’s open source innovations? What if you formed fair trade deals with microbial communities? What if you formed consortiums with  forests, and coalitions with  oceans?

Through practical planet-centered design tools and methodologies, Public-Planet Partnerships is a nature-based solutions approach to the more traditional frameworks of Public-Private Partnerships, and human-centered design.

This course has been specifically developed for those without a scientific background, who are keen to understand and develop a practice of collaborating with the natural world.

The purchase of our short online course includes the full Public-Planet Partnerships toolkit (En, Fr, Ar), a digital deck of Partnership Model Cards (En), 24 Public-Planet Partnerships case studies (En), and 4 in-depth case studies (En). Please contact us for information on educational or organizational licenses.

If you are unable to make a purchase at this time, you can access our freely available tools here.

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