3BL Associates is an award-winning people + planet strategy consultancy re-imagining a more sustainable Middle East, and accelerating global sustainable development through collaboration. Our think-do-tank incubates award-winning initiatives like Public-Planet Partnerships, Diversity On Board,, Nonviolent Resilience and Reimagine MENA, as well as research like ‘How Nature Would Reimagine Cooperatives’, and the first Bahrain Responsible Business Survey with Arabic Knowledge@Wharton.

SoScience is the 1st European company specialized in Responsible Research and Innovation. SoScience is a pioneer in responsible research, which is a new way to approach scientific research and development. We focus on the impact science can have on society, and we are committed to scientific innovation for social good. We believe that science can change the world for good, that RRI is a tremendous tool leveraging innovation and that it concerns enterprises as well as public laboratories.


Leena Al Olaimy
Leena Al OlaimyCo-Founder
Mélanie Marcel
Mélanie MarcelCo-Founder
Tariq Al-Olaimy
Tariq Al-OlaimyCo-Founder